Hunting GPS – 3 Other Uses For Your Hunting GPS During the Non-Hunting Season

A GPS unit is very useful when hunting or scouting for a hunt. But now that it is the off season for hunting in most areas what other activities can you use your GPS for? Below is just a few activities that you can use your GPS for.

Snowmobiling – In most parts of the country it is snowmobiling time. You can use your hunting GPS to mark your vehicle or place of origin before you start snowmobiling. You can also make a track so you can follow the GPS waypoints back home. This is especially helpful if it is snowing a little or windy so your snowmobile tracks get covered up.

Geocaching – Geocaching is a fun, new activity that you can do with the whole family. You can go on the internet to findĀ and get waypoints of caches in your area. Then take your family or some friends and go treasure hunting. It is a good practice to bring along some trinkets to leave in the cache if you intend to take something from the cache.

Shed Hunting – Soon the deer and elk will be losing their antlers and you can use your hunting GPS to mark where you find shed antlers. This will help you next year to look around in the same spots for sheds. Of course, it is also a good idea to mark your vehicle before you start hiking looking for sheds so you can easily find your way back.

So, as you can see these are just three activities that you can use your hunting GPS for while you are not using it for scouting or hunting.

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