Have You Got the Right Shooting Jacket?

If you’ve recently started hunting, or have been shooting for many years, you’ll understand the importance of a good shooting jacket.

Here’s how you can tell if yours is up to the job.

1. You’ll want a quiet shooting jacket, so that your prey doesn’t hear you coming and flee. As you become more proficient, the noise of your jacket may not be as important, but you’ll still need to be able to rely on your clothing when you need to move around undetected.

2. Because you’ll be outside, and in rough conditions, you’ll you’re your hunting jacket to be durable, so that it doesn’t fall apart after a few shoots. You won’t want to keep having to buy a new one every time you go shooting.

3. You’ll need to be able to move your arms freely, and quietly whilst shooting, so you’ll need to have plenty of room. Does your current jacket allow you to aim quickly and easily?

4. Having big pockets will mean that you can carry everything you need with you. Perhaps you’re currently carrying a rucksack, because the jackets on your pockets are too small.

5. You’ll be spending a lot of time outside if you enjoy hunting, so you’ll need to stay warm. Although wearing lots of layers is the best way to keep warm, adding bulk will make it hard for you to move. Is your current shooting jacket really warm enough?

6. If you’re yet to invest in a dedicated shooting jacket, then you’ll need to make sure that you don’t wear bright colours whilst you’re out on the field. Dull colours will help top camouflage you, so that you won’t be seen by your targets.

7. Having a waterproof jacket might make all the difference between enjoying your day out hunting, and it being a cold, wet and unsuccessful time. if your jacket isn’t waterproof, you’ll soon start to get cold when it rains.

8. The brand of shooting jacket that you choose might make a difference too. Different brands have different fits, so you’ll want to try several before you buy. Alternatively, you might already know that a certain brand fits you well, and offers everything you need from a quality hunting jacket.

9. By establishing how often you go shooting, you can soon tell if it’s worth buying a new shooting jacket if you’re been compromising for a while

10. No matter how often you go shooting, you’ll want value for money from your hunting clothing. You might want to choose inexpensive clothing because you don’t go very often, or you might want the very best protection from the elements, and the best fit, because you go hunting as often as you can. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t buy a hunting jacket that doesn’t fit, or isn’t warm enough, or is too noisy, just because it’s cheap.

Now you know what to think about, have you really got the right shooting jacket?

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