Best Hunting GPS – What Accessories Are Needed For Your GPS You Received This Past Holiday?

GPS units were a very popular gift this past holiday season for hunters. But now you will want to get the right accessories for your GPS before your next hunting trip. There are a number of different accessories available but only a few are must-haves when hunting. First, you will want to get a carrying case for your GPS unit. It will protect you new hunting GPS unit from getting scrapes and scratches on it. Most carrying cases have a clear, vinyl area which protects the screen while leaving open areas for the control buttons. Make sure to get the proper carrying case for your specific GPS unit.

Second, you will want to get a 12 volt adapter for your hunting GPS. This will allow you to charge you GPS in your vehicle while driving to your hunting location. This will ensure that your batteries are fully charged and your GPS is ready to navigate when you start your hunt.

Third, I would recommend getting additional MicroSD memory cards if your GPS unit has this option. It is very helpful to place your topo maps for each hunting area on separate memory cards. Then you can switch the cards depending on which area you are hunting. For instance, if you are going to hunt elk in Arizona you can put all your Arizona maps on one card, while having all your deer hunt maps for your own state on another card.

And finally, an instructional DVD for your new GPS unit will help you learn how to operate it before you go to use your unit for scouting or hunting. If you know how to operate your hunting GPS before you get out in the field you will get the maximum benefit from your new GPS unit. So, as you can see these are just a few of the accessories you will want to get for your new hunting GPS unit. Having the right accessories make using your GPS much easier.

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