10 Key Hunting Accessories

When hunting season rolls around, it is important to have the right gear. Here is a compilation of key hunting accessories, no matter what type of game you are hunting.

1) The right clothes: Obviously, hunting climates vary across the country, but it is always important to stay warm. You can always takes a jacket off, but if you are cold, you are stuck shivering for your entire trip.

2) Good backpack: Camelbak makes some really great backpacks of various sizes, all of extreme durability.

3) Maps: If you are taking a larger backpack, you should probably throw a few maps in there. Safety is the most important thing when you are hunting, and plenty of people have gotten themselves in dangerous situations by getting lost, so make sure you have a map if that happens.

4) Compass: for the same reason as the map, a compass is vital. You can often choose one or the other. Both are only really necessary when taking a longer trip.

5) Scent control: before leaving the house, it is important to mask the human scent. Animals have a much better sense of smell than humans, so even after masking the human scent, you will want to cover it with another smell from the wildlife.

6) Gun: Your gun is one of your most important hunting accessories. The type of game you plan on hunting is going to tell you what type of gun to bring.

7) Binoculars: It’s always better to have increased eyesight when hunting, so binoculars are extremely useful.

8) Knife: of all the accessories you will need, your knife will be the most handy. Whether you are headed out for an early morning hunt, or a weekend adventure, your knife will be needed. For large game, I suggest the Buck Alpha Hunter Gut hook. It is ergonomically designed, its durability is unmatched, and it is small enough to carry around, but large enough for big game.

9) Flashlight: if you are headed out overnight, make sure you carry a flashlight. I definitely suggest something really durable, such as an LED flashlight. The batteries will last longer, and LED is more resistant to cold and heat.

10) Extra ammunition: nobody wants to cut a hunting trip short because they ran out of ammo, right? Always bring a few extra cartridges along.

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